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Hatch Performance InnovationsPerformance Innovations is our electronic newsletter. Read our current and past issues, learn about our exciting projects, engineering breakthroughs, and read insightful articles by our guest writers.


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Current Issue:

March 2019
  • Four workplace strategies for unlocking the value of integrated operations
  • Unlocking shareholder value with strategic innovation
  • Reimagining infrastructure in a smart new world
  • Geothermal energy: the missing link in the lithium story

Past Issues:

December 2018
  • Renewable energy is a necessity, not a choice
  • Cities of the future: sustainable wealth and health
  • How robotics and AI improve productivity and safety in mining and metals
  • More value, less impact
October 2018
  • Lithium: a coming of age story
  • Integrated LRT, simulation software, and the future of urban transit
  • Engineering government
  • Don’t let good projects go bad
August 2018
  • Driverless cars and the return to automotive progress
  • Why protective relays are the watchdogs of electrical power systems
  • Operational readiness: how to ensure your new operation delivers nameplate capacity
  • Stronger relationships with Indigenous stakeholders starts with better understanding, communication
June 2018
  • Better energy visibility, better business management
  • Let’s fund what tomorrow’s cities should be
  • Better choices, better chances for young workers’ health and safety
  • Ice roads. Bears. Blizzards
April 2018
  • How drones are modernizing mining operations
  • Roadmapping digital transformation
  • The economic benefits of water
  • Commodity’s compass: guiding the future’s sustainable mining projects
February 2018
  • How phosphates feed the world
  • Good operational systems depend on people, processes, and technology
  • Get an experienced guide to the digital ecosystem
  • When governments and transit-oriented developers meet: part 2
December 2017
  • Three things to keep in mind for port master planning
  • Improving safety performance: the journey to zero harm
  • How to profit from new mine-to-mill capabilities
  • Energy storage: a kW saved is a kW earned
September 2017
  • Steel and sustainability: new ideas, better solutions
  • How small gains become big wins for wind turbine owners
  • Five principles for delivering resilient infrastructure
  • Standards and guidelines are mining’s next frontier
July 2017
  • Back to the bench: water treatment optimization through innovation
  • Managing risk for predictable outcomes
  • Sustainable businesses earn their keep
  • When governments and transit-oriented developers meet: Part 1
May 2017
  • Big projects: upping value
  • Advanced analytics: industry’s next great thing
  • Reprocessing metallic radioactive waste: the “good” kind of nuclear meltdown
  • The Hatch-Chester partnership: tackling infrastructure’s toughest challenges together
March 2017
  • 6 questions to tell you if your operation has reached full potential
  • Mining, water, and a call for conservation
  • Small modular reactors: the future of nuclear
  • Triple-bottom-line decision-making: a consideration of confluence
December 2016
  • P3s: How do we create better conversations between governments and investors?
  • Oil, gas, and the future of GTL
  • Super cool crystallization ponds
  • Powering remote communities and industrial facilities
October 2016
  • Culture shift: Automation in mining
  • Climate change: Tackling the here and now
  • How transportation corridors influence city development
  • Power dams, climate change, and extreme events